Our Story

Bhuvani Bazaar is an ethical and sustainable brand specialising in using recycled fabrics with a bohemian vibe.



Namaste, I'm Lissy. I live in the sunny Hawkes Bay of Aotearoa, New Zealand. The creator of Bhuvani Bazaar, a lover of life, adventures, far away places and a gypsy at heart. 

The Bhuvani Bazaar story began on a soul journey to Mama India. I instantly connected to the land, the culture, the colours and prints, the textiles and fabrics, the people, the spirituality and of course the Yoga. And as a Yoga lover and Teacher that was what originally took me to India. I knew I was destined to continue to return. On the first trip I designed and had clothes made from recycled Sari's. Throughout my travels through India after this and the further adventures on to Europe, wherever I'd go and wear the clothes I'd designed, I would have people coming up to me and asking where they came from. I'd explain the story and everyone loved the idea. And this is when the idea behind Bhuvani Bazaar was born.

Bhuvani~ Mother Earth; Goddess Parvati; Abode of the universe Bazaar~ A market place

I've always loved the style from the 60s and 70s, bell and balloon sleeves, free flowing outfits and dresses, floral and paisley prints, bright colours to earthy tones and thrifting to find vintage one off pieces. I'm an Earth lover and am conscious about our impact on her, so working with recycled fabrics seemed perfect to me!  

I booked my next trip to India to see my Teacher and to find a small business to work with. I searched for a few weeks, had samples made from many different people, however I didn't find anyone I connected with. I had a flight booked to Goa and feeling a little deflated and questioning my idea, fate put me next to a lovely Woman from the UK. She'd been working from India for years and she gave me the contact of a man who has a small family run business specialising in working with recycled Saris. She was his first customer 15 years ago. When I go to India I spend time with his entire Family, Wife and Children. And I spend days on end with all of the amazing people who make my designs for me. I handpick every Sari myself. And every single item is a one-off piece, so you'll be the only person in the entire Universe with it.  

I hope you enjoy the beautiful garments as much as I have enjoyed having them created

Lissy x